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Are we really the first brand to figure out you don’t have to obey an irrelevant design constraint that puts the rider in a compromised position? E-scooters no longer need to be kicked for propulsion. You’re no longer riding a glorified skateboard with a handlebar. The PURE Advance e-scooter is like no other. It’s smart. It’s practical. It’s innovative. And it’s designed to become the go-to tool for urban commuting – as a leading e-scooter that positions the rider in a completely forward-facing manner – allowing the rider to stand with feet shoulder-width apart, placed firmly on pads positioned by the rear axle.

More comfortable. More secure. More natural. More fun.

'A more comfortable riding experience, one where your head isn't a weird angle.'
T3 Magazine
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'Pure Advance impresses with many well-thought-out detailed solutions that result in an improved riding experience.'
Red Dot Design Awards
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'Pure Electric’s new e-scooter will change how you [choose to] ride'
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Looks different. Feels different. For good reason.

With the Pure Advance, you ride with a wide and stable stance that feels completely natural and comfortable, letting you ride with more control by steering intuitively with your whole body. It makes riding all other scooters seem unstable and insecure in comparison.

Sometimes we don’t know how much something needs to change until someone changes it.

The Time Has Come For A Whole New Position.

It’s a design that uses footpads at the level of the rear-wheel axle, on each side of the frame. Our stance lowers the centre of gravity and gives riders greater control and stability, while affording greater visibility and a feeling that makes you smile.

It’s fun. It’s solid. It’s right.

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