Pure Advance Electric Scooter

The ultimate riding position More stability. 70% more slimline. 40km range.

The ultimate riding position, enabling the rider to take a natural stance,  delivering a more stable, controlled and safer ride. Now 70% more slimline with foldable stem, handlebars and footpads. Combining a long range of 24.8mi (40km) and powerful 710 (peak) motor that can handle the toughest of hills up to 19% gradient.

Need a longer range? Discover our Advance+ with 50km range. Or explore the world's most compact 40km e-scooter with our Advance Flex.

  • Max Range
    The distance that you can travel on a single charge. This can be influenced by terrain, riding style and environmental factors.
    Up to 40 km*
  • Motor Power
    A motor has an average 'rated' power and peak power output. The higher the wattage, the more power that the motor can produce, usually bringing improved acceleration and hill climbing ability.
    710W (Peak)
  • Scooter Weight

Pure Advance: The ultimate riding position, 70% more slimline. 40km range.

Ultimate riding position: We set out to build the world's best electric scooter with the best handling, safest, most stable and fun to ride. Our Advance range has three design features that makes it best in class:

  • Stand closer to the ground to improve stability and handling
  • Stand further back from the front wheel to improve breaking
  • Standing with feet shoulder width apart to increase stability and fun to ride

Key features:

    • Powerful 710W motor (peak) for easy hill climbing
    • Up to 40km maximum range
    • Puncture-resistant, tubeless air-filled tyres. Large 10” size for safe, comfortable riding over bumps.
    • Patent-pending Pure Control™ steering stabilisation for a smooth, controlled ride – no jittery handlebars.
    • IP65 waterproof – suitable for riding in rain and through puddles.
    • Front handlebar indicators and rear footpad indicators so you can be seen from all angles.
    • Bright front light and combined rear brake and running light.
    • Reliable, low maintenance dual braking system: front drum brake and rear e-brake.
    • Folding handlebars, stem and footpads create a slimline folded package.
    • Weight: 16kg.
    • Folded dimensions (H x W x L): 54 x 15 x 104cm
    • Connects to Pure Electric app.
    • Tyre pump included in box.

  • Maximum Range
    The distance that you can travel on a single charge. This can be influenced by terrain, riding style and environmental factors.
    Up to 40 km*
    Motor Power
    A motor has an average 'rated' power and peak power output. The higher the wattage, the more power that the motor can produce, usually bringing improved acceleration and hill climbing ability.
    710W (Peak)
    Cruise Control Settings
    Water Resistance
    Waterproof, can be used in puddles and rain.
    Tyre Pressure
    Pre-installed Puncture Prevention Fluid
    Aluminium alloy
    Max Hill Climbing Gradient
    Designed for 19%
    Drive Type
    Rear wheel drive
    Accelerator Control Type
    Thumb press
  • Battery Capacity
    37V / 9.6Ah
    Battery Voltage
    Battery Recharging Time
    6 hours
    Battery Certification
    Lithium-ion battery designed to UK / EU regulations
    Battery Charger Included?
    Battery Charger Input
    100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 2A
    Battery Charger Output
    42V DC, 2.0A
  • Front Brakes
    Rear Brakes
    Steering Stabilisation
    Pure Control™ Steering Stabilisation
    Brake Control Type
  • Weight
    Secure stemlocking point when folded?
    Folded Dimensions
    54cm (H) x 15cm (W) x 104cm (L)
    Unfolded Dimensions
    108cm (H) x 60cm (W) x 104cm (L)
    Foldable Handlebars
  • Front Light Type
    150 lumens front light
    Rear Light Type
    Brake and always on running light
    Front and rear reflectors
    Reinforced mudguards
    Handlebar grips
    Integrated grip design
    180 degree handlebar indicators and rear facing footpad indicators
    Central chassis mounted kickstand
  • Display
    Speed, driving mode, battery, bluetooth, maintenance
    App Name
    Pure Electric App
    iOs, Android
    Digitally lockable with PIN code via the Pure App
  • Packaging
    We use fully recyclable packaging with no plastic. Pure encourages the proper and safe disposal
    By using tubeless tyres, we no longer require inner tubes, helping reduce waste from punctured inner tubes going to landfill
    As a company that produces products with lithium-ion batteries, we're well aware of the damage that can be caused by the improper disposal of these components. Pure Electric encourages the proper recycling and processing of all batteries at the end of your scooters life or if the battery is being replaced.

Warranty Info

Your purchase of this scooter includes a 2 year warranty against original defects in material and workmanship from the date you physically receive the scooter. This covers the cost of labour and parts required to maintain your scooter in proper working order for the 2 year warranty period. Please retain your proof of purchase for reference when making enquires on this warranty.

Orignal warranty may be transferred to a new owner providing all original proof of purchase is transferred to the new owner. The warranty period remains as 2 years from the original delivery date. 

Consumable items are not included as part of your warranty. These are outlined below: 

  • Tyres
  • Inner Tubes 
  • Rubber Foot Rest 
  • Handlebar Grips 
  • Brake Cables 
  • Brake Pads 
  • Paint
  • Rubber Bungs 

When you will not be able to use your warranty 

You cannot use your warranty if: 

  • The requested work is to repair consumable items which are not covered by warranty. 
  • The part which is submitted for repair or maintenance demonstrates signs of misuse or handling that is contrary to the instructions set out in the manual, included but not limited to inappropriate use or incorrect maintenance and storage or signs of crash damage may invalidate a warranty claim. 
  • The submitted repair work is needed due to the scooter having been involved in an accident or reckless/intentional damage. 
  • The requested work is to repair normal wear and tear, surface or cosmetic damage. 

You cannot use your warranty without original proof of purchase that validates the scooter's warranty duration by way of serial number and date of proof of purchase. 

The opening, disassembly or modification of the scooter with non-licensed or non-original parts or by a non-licensed person will invalidate the warranty. 

If your scooter needs a service, call the Pure Electric helpline so we can discuss the available options. If your scooter is registered under warranty and is covered for repair, it will be repaired at no cost. 

How to make a claim

Customer contacts Pure Electric at helpBE@purescooters.com

Free delivery

All of our electric scooters are sent out wih free delivery as standard.

Deliveries are made Monday to Friday. Orders placed after 1pm on Fridays will be shipped on Mondays.

Original box and packaging 
Please keep hold of your original box and packaging for at least 30-days, in the event you need to return the product to us.

Refunds and Returns

If you have received an item that is damaged, is not what you ordered, or is missing parts, then please email us immediately at helpBE@purescooters.com. Include photographs of the issue before returning any goods so we can discuss the best action to take.

For more information here.


You have 30 days** from the date in which your product has been delivered to return your product.

To obtain a full refund, the goods must be returned in an “as new” condition, unridden with all parts, manuals and accessories included in the original box and packaging.

To find out more information and how to return your items please visit our returns page.

Stands out and fits in

Take a bold new stance

Turn away from convention. Re-designed from the ground up, this fundamentally different riding position spreads your weight evenly on either side of the chassis – for unrivalled stability, greater control and advanced safety.

Designed to fit into your life

You can store your Pure Advance+ e-scooter neatly against walls or in tight spaces. The slimline folding design is 70% narrower than a standard e-scooter.

Class-leading safety features, as standard

At Pure, we believe in raising standards for rider safety. That’s why our e-scooters are packed with class-leading safety features that keep you steady – including an improved 4x brighter front light, rear lights, handlebar indicators, patent-pending Pure Control™ steering stabilisation and a highly-reliable dual-braking system.

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Did You Know?

All Pure scooters come with the below enhanced safety and reliability features as standard, so you can ride with confidence.

Puncture Resistant Tubeless Tyres


Pure Control™ Steering System

IP65 water resistance

Reliable Dual Braking System

Supports Loads Up To 120KG

Compare The Range

Plenty of Power
710W (Peak)
Plenty of Power
710W (Peak)
Max Range
Max Range
Up to 40km*
Up to 50km*
Up to 40km*
Ultra Compact
Folded dimensions (H x W x L)
Ultra Compact
Folded dimensions (H x W x L)
54 x 15 x 104cm
54 x 15 x 104cm
57 x 30 x 62cm
Pure Control™ Steering Stabilisation
Pure Control™ Steering Stabilisation
Front & Rear Indicators
Front & Rear Indicators
Durable Design
Supports loads up to 120kg
Durable Design
Supports loads up to 120kg

*Don't forget - there are many factors that can impact the maximum range on an e-scooter. These include the selected riding mode, tyre pressure, the temperature, your chosen route and even how heavy you are. For example, if you're tackling hills in cold weather and on poor surfaces, you'll likely see a lower range than if you were riding on flat ground, on a warm day.

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