Maintenance & Repairs

Welcome to the Pure Electric maintenance and repairs guide! Here, you will find information on how to perform routine maintenance tasks and repair various components of your electric scooter. Proper maintenance is essential for the safety and performance of your e-scooter, so be sure to address any issues as they arise. This hub provides step-by-step guides to help you care for your scooter and keep it running smoothly.

Pre-Ride Checks
How-to Guide

Key Safety Checks

Have the best ride possible by following these quick and simple pre-ride checks. Doing these before you ride, ensures you scooter is ready to ride, minimises risk of punctures and helps spot any adjustments you should make before you set off.

  • 1. Check tyre pressure

    2. Check wheels and handlebars turn smoothly

    3. Check any hinges for unexpected vibration or movement

    4. Look for any loosened nuts, bolts and fasteners

    5. Check lights and indicators function

  • 1. Check tyres for damage

    2. Check bell function

    3. Clean with damp cloth and inpspect for damage

    4. Check cables on product for signs of damage

    5. Check charger and cable for signs of damage

  • 1. Tighten bolts to stated torque

    2. Adjust brakes

    3. Clean with damp cloth and check for chassis & fork damage

  • 1. Check headset and wheel bearings for damage; grease where appropriate

    2. Service all folding points, regrease where appropriate