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IMPORTANT: An update is available for your new e-scooter. To get the best possible performance out of your brand-new e-scooter, just download the Pure app, connect it to your scooter and go to the Scooter Update tab.

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Tyre Pressure & Battery

Use the pump included within the box to ensure the tyres are inflated to the optimum pressure of 36 psi and make sure you fully charge your e-scooter by waiting for the light on your charger block to go from red to green.

PLEASE NOTE: This is because your battery might have reduced range, since it’s so brand new and may never have been used. It’s totally normal and shouldn’t be an issue after your scooter’s been through a full charge and discharge cycle.

Key Safety Checks:

  • 1. Check tyre pressure

    2. Check wheels and handlebars turn smoothly

    3. Check any hinges for unexpected vibration or movement

    4. Look for any loosened nuts, bolts and fasteners

    5. Check lights and indicators function

  • 1. Check tyres for damage

    2. Check bell function

    3. Clean with damp cloth and inpspect for damage

    4. Check cables on product for signs of damage

    5. Check charger and cable for signs of damage

Unboxing Your New E-Scooter

Meet the Pure Advance Flex. With its forward-facing footpads and ultracompact folding design, it’s the e-scooter that fits in your hallway and thinks outside the box.

But what’s inside the box? Well, let’s find out. It’s time to watch your future unfold before your eyes.

Unboxing Your New E-Scooter

Your new e-scooter has been thoroughly checked and part-assembled by our technicians. It’s almost ready to ride – just follow these simple set-up instructions and you’ll be ready to go!

1. Raise the stem

Remove the protective packaging but do not lift the scooter out of the cardboard frame just yet. Lift the stem until it clips upright into the frame.

2. Secure the latch

Lift the latch mechanism until it clips securely into the stem.

Warning! Do not ride the scooter if the latch is loose.

3. Bring down the kickstand

Carefully bring the scooter from the box and bringdown the central kickstand to stabilise the scooter.

4. Raise the steerer height

Pull the quick release lever (at the top of the stem) away from the stem. Once fully pulled back, raise the steerer until it is fully extended. Finally push the quick release lever back into the stem to lock it in place.

Warning! Do not ride the scooter if the quick release lever is loose.

5. Unfold the handlebars

Pull the quick release lever (at the top of the stem) away from the stem. Once fully pulled back, raise the steerer until it is fully extended. Finally push the quick release lever back into the stem to lock it in place.

Warning! Do not ride the scooter if the quick release lever is loose.

6. Secure the handlebars

Once each handlebar is in the riding position, check they are securely in place. Do not ride the scooter if the handlebar is loose.

7. Unfold the scooter

First – Hold the handlebars and twist them to the left to unclip the front wheel from the backwheel.

Next – With the back wheel secure on the ground, hold the handlebars and rotate the front half of the scooter so that the frame of the front and back of the scooter join together.

Finally – The frame will clip together once thescooter is joined together in this position.

8. Lock together the frame

Before trying to lock the frame together with the central latch (see next image), you must pull the latch back to prepare it for locking.

Once the latch has been pulled back you can now push the latch forward until it clips securely to the frame of the scooter.

Warning! Do not ride the scooter if there is any movement in the hinge or the latch is loose.

9. Charge the battery

You can charge your e-scooter by plugging the charging cable into the charging port. Once fully charged the charger light will change from red to green.

10. Unfold the footpads

Lower the footpads into the riding position.

11. Pump up your tyres

IMPORTANT: Always use the tyre valve extender provided every time you attach the pump to your tyres, or you risk breaking the valve.

Use the tyre valve extender and pump included in the box to inflate your tyres to the required pressure of 36psi.

Please Note: Tubeless tyres naturally leak air over time, so make sure yours are pumped to 36psi before every journey. That way you get the best riding experience, protect against punctures and maximise your range.

12. Bring up the central kickstand

Once you are ready to ride, simply raise the central kickstand, and scoot off!

Quick Tips To Get Going:

1. The Controls

Use your right thumb to operate the throttle and your left hand for the brake and indicators.

2. Select Mode

Switch on and double press the multifunction button to select your riding mode.

3. Push To Start

Simply push off the ground, then press the throttle to activate the motor.

Safety Information

  • 1. First, turn on your e-scooter by pressing and holding the central multifunction button for 2 seconds. The display will switch on.

    2. To start riding, lift up the kickstand, place one foot on the footpad and push against the floor with your other foot to propel you forwards.

    3. After you’ve pushed yourself forwards, press the throttle with your thumb steadily to start accelerating. You will need to achieve a speed of 3km/h before the throttle will engage.

    4. Steer by turning the handlebars left and right. The steering mechanism is sprung-loaded to help it return to centre, and to make it easier to steer during prolonged use.

    5. You can slow down the e-scooter by pulling the brake lever. Braking activates both the electrical rear brake and the front drum brake.

    6. To come to a stop, slow to almost a standstill. Then, place one foot on the ground, leaning slightly onto that foot as you come to a complete stop.

  • There are risks to driving any vehicle. This e-scooter is no exception. As with a bicycle, find a safe area to practice in and, if you can, have somebody help you with your first few rides. It is important that you become familiar with the controls of the e-scooter before riding in an environment where there is a risk of collision. Practice in a quiet area away from other vehicles and hazards.
    Please ensure this manual is read and understood before riding.

    1. Check the brakes, wheels and tyres before every ride. Never ride with damaged brakes. You can slow down the e-scooter by using the brake lever on the left side of the handlebar. The brake lever activates both the drum front brake and the electric brake of the rear wheel at the same time. Squeeze the brake lever gently to effectively use the brake in a stable way, and be aware that braking distances may be extended in wet weather.

    2. Before each ride, ensure the steering system is working and that the latch for the folding mechanism is in place correctly, with the handle firmly tightened.

    3. Wear flat closed shoes when using the e-scooter. Always keep both feet on the e-scooter while riding, unless you are just starting to accelerate or about to stop. Wait until you have come to a complete standstill before you get off the e-scooter.

    4. We recommend wearing protective equipment (e.g. Helmet, kneepads, etc.) when riding the e-scooter.

    Hold the handlebar firmly with both hands at all times when riding.

    6. It is your responsibility to ride thee-scooter using good judgement in order to reduce the risk of injury. Do not use the e-scooter when under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication that may impair your judgement. Use common sense to detect and avoid hazards that pose a risk to you, others and others’ property while you use the e-scooter.

    7. The e-scooter is designed for outdoor use on smooth, stable surfaces. You should ride appropriately for the conditions you are riding in, and anticipate potential hazards at all times(e.g. light, weather, other traffic participants, etc.)

    8. Both tyres must be in contact with the ground at all times in order to be able to provide adequate grip to ride safely(conditions permitting).

    9. If your e-scooter breaks or shows wear, we strongly recommend having a service carried out. Although this e-scooter is IP65 rated(see section 2.6), you should exercise caution when riding in wet conditions and dry the e-scooter after use. Do not use the e-scooter in temperatures below -5°C. This can have a negative effect on the performance and life of the battery and the motor.

    • Always keep the e-scooter away from humidity in excess of 90%.

    • Do not attempt to turn off thee-scooter while you are riding.

    • Take extra caution when using the e-scooter in the dark.

    • Avoid overcrowded areas.

    • Notify your presence when approaching a pedestrian or cyclist when you are not seen or heard. This e-scooter is fitted with a bell for this purpose.

    • Do not change the use of this-scooter from its intended use.

    • This vehicle is not intended for acrobatic use.

    • Regularly check the tightness of the various bolted elements, in particular the wheel axles, the folding system, the steering system and the brake system.

    • Eliminate any sharp edges caused by use.

    • The kickstand must be folded up before stepping onto the scooter. Never step on the mudguards.

    Any other relevant information may be added, at the manufacturer’s discretion.

    Caution, the brake may become hot in use. Do not touch after use.

    The e-scooter must only be repaired with original spare parts from an authorised supplier or shop and by a licensed mechanic. The opening, disassembly or modification of thee-scooter with non-licensed or nonoriginal parts or by a non-licensed person will lead to the warranty becoming invalid.

    As with any mechanical component, a vehicle is subject to high stresses and wear. The various materials and components may react differently to wear or fatigue. If the expected service life for a component has been exceeded, it may break suddenly, therefore risking causing injuries to the user.

    Cracks, scratches and discolouration in the areas subject to high stresses indicate that the component has exceeded its service life and should be replaced.

  • • Thoroughly clean the e-scooter with a damp cloth after each use. (see 3.4 for more details).

    • If you experience looseness in the latch, stem or footpad hinge mechanisms, we recommend contacting for guidance.

    • Always check your tyre pressures before riding to ensure that they are within the recommended range of 36-50psi. Within this range, lower pressures will result in a more comfortable ride, while higher pressures will provide most efficient performance.

    For maintenance support and advice, please contact us.

Get more from your Pure Scooter with the Pure App

The Pure App will take your ride to the next level. Compatible with all current Pure scooters, the app also offers safe setup tips and support, an extended ride dashboard and ride stats, and more.

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