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Full bespoke design


Highest quality graphics used to customise our best selling Xiaomi and Ninebot scooters. Full bespoke design. Ships within 5 days. Free shipping in the UK. From only £449.

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Why get your custom scooter from Pure?

 Relentless focus on quality

- We source and use the highest quality and most durable materials.
- Our unique print methods produce vibrant, accurate and unique colours.

- You will receive a beautiful design from our team of in- house specialist designers who have over 15 years of experience working with the best brands & celebrities worldwide.

Rapid Turn-around

- 5 days from approving your design, we provide next day shipping via TNT courier (UK mainland only).



See below for our most frequently asked questions, or contact us.

Used by the best

We supply many of the worlds best brands & influencers from Formula 1 teams to Camp Kerala at Glastonbury festival. Read our testimonials below to see what our customers think.

Customisations for the best selling scooters

We offer full customisation for the Xiaomi M365, Xiaomi Pro and the Ninebot Segway ES1, ES2 and ES4.



3 easy steps to getting your Custom Scooter



 1. Send us your ideas

Complete the short form above so we know what you want your custom scooter to look like. Tell us about the colours and logosyou want, plus any ideas of designs you like.


2. We'll design your scooter

Our team of experts, with over 15 years of design experience, will create your design. You can request changes until you're happy.


3. You approve. We make.

Once you're 100% happy with your design, we'll start to prepare your custom scooter. This takes 5 working days plus shipping. We use the highest quality materials to make the best custom scooters available.

Frequently asked questions

How do we customise the scooters?

  • To create the design we have a design team that has years of experience in designing for vehicles.
  • We use the the highest quality vinyl materials to customise your scooter. These are printed using state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best, most vibrant colours and quality.
  • We also will provide custom scooters that are painted. We are currently in the research & development stages of this and will launch it once we’ve perfected it.


How long does it take to get my custom scooter?

  • Your design usually takes 24-48 hours.
  • Once you're happy we'll print & apply the graphics to make your custom scooter. This takes about 4-5 working days.
  • Shipping takes 24 hours (in the UK).


Does my scooter have a warranty when it’s customised?

  • Yes, when it’s customised with graphics. The original manufacturers warranty remains. Read more about our scooter warranties **here**.
  • It it’s painted it only comes with a 3 month warranty on the paintwork, not the scooter and you can only return this item if the paintwork is faulty. This is because we completely strip-down the scooter to have it painted for you, which means we void manufacturers warranties. We do this however with trained technicians who are experts at maintaining these scooters so they tend to be in better condition than when they come direct from the factory.


What file formats do you accept for my logo upload?

  • We accept all file formats however we prefer vector artwork if possible. These file formats are typically; .PDF, .EPS, .SVG .AI, .CDR. Other popular file formats are; .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .TIF.

Vector vs Raster Artwork - what’s the difference?

  • Raster images are made up of tiny pixels, while vector images are made from mathematical paths. This means it’s much easier to scale and work with vector artwork. This can be done with computer programmes such as CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator. 
  • We recommend using vector artwork whenever possible.

Vector file types

Raster file types




.jpg or .jpeg








Do you have any minimum order quantities

  • No. You can order as little as 1 custom scooter.



How long does it take to ship my custom scooter?

 - It usually takes 2 working days to get your design confirmed, however it can take longer if we need more information to create a design. Once your design is confirmed it takes 5 working days to print, apply & prepare your scooter for shipping. Shipping to the UK mainland is then next day.


Will my colours fade?

  • Not for a while. We use the highest quality printing methods available today - your inks will last up to 2 years outdoors. To increase the life of your graphics store your scooter in a shed or garage when not using it. Left outside will expose it to the weather speeding up the fading process.


Will my graphics peel?

  • No. If we apply your graphics they have been applied by professionally trained technicians who are experts in vinyl application. We also use the highest quality materials to ensure your graphics last.
  • If you have purchased set of stickers from us and have applied the graphics correctly they will also last ages. The most important part is to ensure your scooter is really clean before applying & to apply enough pressure to make your graphics stick well.


How long will my graphics last?

  • We use the highest quality, 70 micron polymeric calendared vinyl, printed on state of the art digital printers, with a 70 micron clear matte, abrasion resistant over-laminate that will make your stickers last up to 5 years. If your sticker is outside, in direct sunlight and getting rubbed regularly this will reduce the lifetime of your stickers but they will still last ages…. We typically find people want a change of design before the sticker needs replacing.


Are your graphics waterproof?

  • Yes, all of our custom scooter graphics are made with a protective laminate which makes them completely waterproof.


What material are your stickers made from?

  • Our graphics used to make our custom scooters are printed on a thick, premium vinyl known technically as polyvinyl chloride, or PVC.


Are my graphics weatherproof?

  • Yes, our custom stickers are completely weatherproof. They can withstand exposure to wind, rain and sunlight. All of our stickers are printed on premium vinyl with a permanent adhesive and have a protective over-laminate that makes them really durable and resistant to fading, scratching, tearing, and water. They can even be safely cleaned with cleaning chemicals.


If I have a custom scooter can I have another design later?

  • Yes. If you have a scooter that is customised using graphics you can peel them off without damaging your scooter. For the easiest way to remove your graphics see **how to remove my graphics**.
  • How do I remove my graphics? Get your scooter to room temperature. If you cannot do this use a hairdryer to warm the graphics. Then start at one corner and peel the graphic away from itself at the sharpest angle possible. If you do this slowly you shouldn’t leave any adhesive residue behind. If you do end up with some glue deposits simply get some alcoholic cleaner (brake cleaner or white spirit), slightly dampen a cloth and use it to rub the glue away softly.


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